About Us

Yoga in Schools is a Community Interest Company founded in 2016 to promote healthy bodies, clear minds and thriving lives for the whole school community and beyond.  We provide schools & communities with Yoga Teachers for everyone; pupils, staff & parents.

Our aim is to grow and support to extend the opportunities across education to experience Yoga & mindfulness and all the benefits to body, mind & spirit. Improving physical, mental & emotional health and resilience.

Community Interest Statement:

We declare that the company will carry on its activities for the benefit of the community, or a section of the community

The company’s activities will provide benefit to…

Students and pupils age 2 to 19 years, support staff and teachers in the community of individual or grouped state mainstream or special schools in the UK, including key partners to the school community such as parents and voluntary agencies. The company is dedicated to advancing the key practices of yoga to promote clear minds, healthy bodies and thriving lives throughout the school curriculum and workplace.


Our sister organisation

Teen Yoga foundation

Our main mission is to promote the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga, in schools and elsewhere, in the UK and abroad.

We do this through a range of activities: research, events, promotional activity, shared spaces and resources, and solidarity work. The aim is to bring all these activities together under one umbrella to make the most of synergies and ensure that all the efforts made to promote young people’s well- being through yoga are coordinated and working in the same direction.

Address details Yoga in Schools
Red Hill House, Red Hill, Camerton, BA2 0NY